Thursday, 5 June 2014

Gripping Beast Plastic Arabs (2)

I've stuck together the first ten.
They remain headless as I've still not decided whether they'll be Almoravids or Andalusians.
Apologies for the poor pictures, iPhone and a hotel room windowsill aren't ideal

They're very clean with no real mold lines at all. However they have the feel of actually having been made  to look good in one particular configuration, with other poses being a bit compromised and gawky. This is often the case with "muti-part" plastic kits - there's the illusion of choice, but actually one "best" way to assemble them. Only the Perry models of the historical plastics really have the genuine ability to get a good mix of poses that look natural.
I trimmed one of the shoulder joints on these as otherwise the spear was held too far from the body, and think I'll have to do that with a few of the pose combinations.
That said, they're nice enough models, as long as you give a bit of thought to the posing.


  1. Be a great way to build up an Andalusian infantry force if using the El Cid supplement (I don't have the new AoA) Tom- aLoads of spearmen backed by archers with a screen of skirmishers. Be pretty hard to break if you could get far enough on the table.

  2. Cheap and cheerful, as you say a bit lumpen, but then that's GB for you.