Thursday, 26 June 2014

Carry on Colonial

There's a Colonial painting league thingummy running over on the Lead Adventure forum.So I grabbed this chap off the shelf where he'd been standing half-finished for a while.

Intended for my Darkest Africa project with half an eye on maybe some Afghan adventures one day, he's a Perry Miniatures Sudan Highlander. He's inspired by the 3rd Foot and Mouth of the legendary Carry on Up the Khyber film, so the uniform (and especially kilt) are a little less than historically accurate. But then as my African country will be fictitious and contain a certain amount of Lost World flavour I'm not fussed.

Here he is ready for the dip

And now ready for a varnish.

Next he needs a good hard matting and some basing.

Nice pictures tomorrow if I can get the camera working.