Monday, 23 June 2014

Battle Cry

As a distraction from the joys of Minecraft, I challenged the smallest boy to a couple of games of Battle Cry. At first he was reluctant, wanting to play some "proper" soldiers involving Orcs, Goblins, Ogres and Chaos. However I held firm - like a Stonewall - and eventually he agreed to indulge his aged father.
And we had a couple of great games. He chose Gettysburg as I've told him the story of Pickett's Charge and shown him the "BAYONETS!" footage  from Little Round Top in the film. We had time to play both the Gettysburg scenarios from the (old) rulebook and he insisted on being the "good guys - that's blue, right dad?"

The first scenario, Devils Den, was a triumph for Tom's Toy Soldiers Minor and he celebrated in calm and restrained fashion the crushing of his father's dreams.

 The rebels are overwhelmed

The crucial left flank
However Pickett's Charge saw fortunes (and history) reversed as the grey managed to overcome the blue. (I think he felt sorry for me and decided to go easy).

Pickett prepares for his moment of glory
Battle Cry (and Memoir '44, which I  don't own but have played) are great little games and it was nice to spend quality time with the smallest boy.


  1. That is unfair! I have no usable live in relatives to help me generate content! I admire your resourcefulness!

  2. I know how you feel Tom, I have this board game, well the 150th Anniversary edition and its great! mind you all Richard Borg's GMT commands and colors Ancients,Napoleonic's are great board games and I have them all! :o)

  3. I agree.
    keep thinking about getting Memoir.
    The only ting that puts me off Ancients and naps is the absence of figures - not a fan of the blocks approach (though i could of course replace them with suitable 1/72 scale plastics). Keep looking at the samurai one as well...

    1. I agree with you, that's one of the draw backs no figures but blocks and stickers! which I loath..

      but, a great game engine system to play with lots of fun with hair pulling moments during the games.i.e back die rolls and bad command cards..but hey all good fun!