Wednesday, 7 May 2014

SAGA Scottish Warriors

The warriors that I started last year have finally been finished.
Two points of 8 each for SAGA.

And a few individual shots.

I kept these very simple. I did checks on a few because even through I know tartans are many years after this period, it helps to say "Scotsman" on the tabletop.

Crusader miniatures again, characterful and easy to paint.

With the Thegns and the Warlord this gives me a 4 point warband. I may have to go back to see Mr Nick at Northstar and get myself another couple of points.


  1. Nice work. Just finished some Normans for SAGA, great game. Definitely worth getting enough to play six point games, four points ends in disaster all too easily! Cheers, Paul.

  2. Thanks.
    Four points is good for getting used to the battleboard, but real men use all 6 points!

  3. Good work on those interesting figures !