Monday, 26 May 2014

SAGA Scots v Normans

The mist cleared over the swift flowing waters of the Invericay river. Lost in reverie Ruiseart was startled by the arrival of McMurdo, his most loyal and hairy retainer.
"There's some braw wee tin men oon their way doon tae the bridge tha noos" he blurted.
"Aye, that there is McMurdo"
"Shall we get yin and stick wan on 'em"
"Aye, that'd be best"
And so the two warriors gathered their weapons to them and marched off to meet the Norman invaders

My chum and I convened for one of our occasional games of SAGA.
Neither of us had played for a while. My opponent suggested we play a 4pt game, as that way we could try and get two in on one evening. I laughed myself hoarse as I knew even a 4pt game would take ages as we struggled with the rules and boards.

 Invericay Dickie and his warband

I took my Scots as they're finished now, led once more by Invericay Dickie or Ruiseart the Thane of Invericay to give him his full title. This time I was to fight Normans rather than Welsh.

We rolled and got the battle on the river scenario. My chum has amassed a rather nice collection of scenery, so we arranged a peaceful, picturesque Scottish valley as the killing ground. I set up with a unit of warriors and one of hearthguard opposite the ford along with Ruiseart. The other crossing point was covered by the remaining warriors and hearthguard.

 The peaceful Invericay valley

Jean Charretier positioned a unit of serjeants and a unit of knights opposite each crossing and posed on his horse across the ford from Ruiseart. I was to go first and duly rolled five worms and a duck. (Snakes and a Ptarmigan, possibly). Not a good start. It was at this point I remembered that the Scots board is a bit complicated. Certainly compared with the brutal simplicity of the Anglo Danish board. I moved up toward the two crossings and left some dice in place.

Immediately the knights opposite the ford started galloping off toward the bridge. My warriors tracked them and hurled javelins, knocking some from their saddles. meanwhile, filled with confidence Ruiseart led his men into the ford. Unfortunately a fierce counterattack by the Normans saw them pushed back and Rusieart was separated from his men. Seizing the day the Norman warlord launched himself from the hill and was able to hack Invericay Dickie to death in the flowing waters of the river. Meanwhile his serjeants finished off the clansmen.

From here it was uphill for the stout Scottish defenders. With few dice at my disposal the cruel Normans were able to pick their fights. First the butchered the hearthguard defending the bridge and a group of knights forced their way onto my side of the river. Then my remaining hearthguard joined Ruiseart face down in the River Invericay.. Finally with the way clear the Norman warlord strode manfully across the ford, whilst his knights tried, but failed to kill the last of my warriors.

This was a tough game. I played badly, the dice were a bit against me at first, and I was struggling to remember how the board worked. For a first game since December I should probably have stuck with the Anglo Danes as being a more straightforward option. Still, it was a good fun game, SAGA is still simple but challenging I find and always gives us a good game whenever we play.

McMurdo hauled his battered body out of the swift flowing river. His helmet was dented, the clear impression of a horseshoe marking the top.
"Yon big man certainly stuck one on auld Dickie" he mumbled to himself.
From the far side of a patch of bullrushes came a low groan
"Aye, that he did use big hairy ..." the words were interrupted by the sounds of a man coughing up water.
McMurdo sighed and set off to extract his lord from the fringes of the river.


  1. Figures look great - you just need to get them out on the table more often ;)


  2. Nice report and great looking game. Scots are one of the more complicated boards I've found.

  3. Awesome report! seemed like a smashing game too, figures look nice too. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks chaps.
    Yes I do need to get the models out more often. A couple of years ago I was getting in three or four games a month and became reasonably competent at Saga.
    But then the boys grew up and my new duties as driver of dad's taxi have restricted my gaming time.😢

  5. Great battle report. I nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can read about it on my blog.

  6. Make that two nominations

    Great work

  7. Tom

    Put you on my Liebster Roll, Ignore or embrace as is your want.

  8. Beautiful minis, nice battrep!