Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Sigmar's Blood (4)

I find myself banished once more to the desolate wasteland that is Swindon.

I'm attempting to make fruitful use of my evenings by doing some more painting for the campaign.
I assembled and undercoated (Plastikote Chocolate Brown) seventeen or so militia before departure.
Some of these were originally assembled several years ago when I was planning a Middenheim militia (I think) armed with hammers. I've added a few more new ones with more varied weapons but have decided to paint them with blue and white amongst the browns. The unit in the campaign book are Stirlanders, but as the Empire army we're using is from Nordland Middenheim fits thematically with the provinces being adjacent.
So far all that's happened is liberal application of some browns, blue and white.

More work tonight!


  1. I've been to the ash wastes of Swindon. Commiserations.

  2. Its how I imagine the Chaos wastes to be.

    Only grimmer.