Friday 24 January 2014

Painting Tribesmen for Darkest Africa

Someone over on TMP asked me how I painted my Tribesmen.
So here follows a step by step guide to painting Foundry tribesmen for Darkest Africa.
Well, careful what you wish for...

First undercoat with brown. In this case Plastikote Matt Chocolate Brown

Next overbrush all the flesh with GW Dark Flesh

After that paint everything else. Hair Chaos Black, loincloth Iyanden Darksun, spots Scorched Brown, spear tip Chainmail, torc Shining Gold belts and quivers Snakebite Leather and shaft (ooer!) Bestial Brown.
Then let it dry for a bit.

Bring forth the dip! This is my weapon of choice, chosen because it is cheap and water based, so I can thin it with water (and wash the brush out too).

I thin to this sort of consistency then paint it on with a brush.

Then you must leave to dry for 24 hours.
(At some point I sneakily painted the base Tausept Ochre)

Next we need a blast of gloss varnish - otherwise the water based matt varnish reacts with the water based dip and unpleasantness ensues. I also drybrushed the base with Desert Sand and Bleached bone around this time.

Then when that's had a good old dry, paint on some matt varnish - Vallejo in this case.

Unfortunately you'll see that somewhere along the line something went wrong with my varnish, and the models now look a little "murky". Grrr.
However I'd got this far with the step by step and wasn't about to start again.

Finally add static grass  to taste (I also painted the fletches on the arrows at this point as I'd forgotten!)

Aside from the slight damage wrought by the varnish I'm satisfied with these. Another ten or so are on the edge of the painting table as I type. I'll soon have enough to go Dino hunting...


  1. Nicely done...the result is good, very good!

  2. Thanks Phil.
    It's quick and dirty, but pretty effective.

  3. Nice work! Clicking through the photos shows how the figures come alive with this technique.