Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Making Warhammer Roads

For the recent Warhammer Wagon Train scenario I needed some roads.
So a quick trip to Wilkos secured me a set of stone effect tiles for under a fiver.
I simply cut them into strips 60mm wide and, hey presto - instant roads.
Obviously they could be used for quite a few other periods, from medieval up to the 19th century. Eventually I'll create some corners and the like and may even apply some flock and static grass to the edges to help them blend onto the table a little better - but for now, they're just fine.

 Some Late Romans gaze in wonder on the works of their ancestors

Boggins da Troll gazes in puzzlement on the works of da stunties.


  1. Not bad. Could perhaps dirty them up a bit with a colour shade wash?

  2. Hi Scott, I'm not sure there's enough relief in the tiles for a wash to work.
    Though I suppose it might end up looking like muddy puddles!
    At some point I'd like to go back and "distress" them a bit and add some edging to blend them onto the table a bit better.

  3. Nice one. If you have a look at the textured wallpapers there are a couple that make very good cobbled surfaces too. (Might need painting though)

  4. Excellent! Just what I´ve been looking for!!!!