Friday 18 October 2013


I've been painting some boars for my Boarboys to ride for my Warhammer Orcs and Goblins
What follows is by way of a Step by Step guide to how I did it:

First assemble your boars. They're big models for the size of base and will be a bugger to rank up, so the first ones I have positioned as far forward on the base as possible so they overlap the rear rank as little as possible. The second rank will be positioned as far to the reverse of the base as possible. I find three ranks to be unlikely.

Then spray them brown - I used Plastikote Chocolate Brown:

Then overbrush with Calthan Brown

Then cover with Devlan Mud

Next drybrush with Bestial Brown

 And then Snakebite Leather

After that give the skin bits a good coat of Tallarn Flesh and then a wash of Ogryn Flesh wash
The tusks and teeth were picked out with Bestial and then Bubonic brown and finished with Bleached Bone and the hooves painted Chaos Black with a thin edge highlight of Shadow grey.

Pretty happy with them.

Now I just need to do the riders...


  1. Nice work, I think I may pick some of those up one day.

  2. great work and a nice little SBS thanks for sharing
    Peace James

  3. Very nice paintjob...waiting fo the riders!