Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Tribesmen for Darkest Africa

I've finally finished these fellas off.
I had a nightmare getting them varnished - inclement weather, water based varnish interacting with dip etc.
I'm still not happy with them, but this was supposed to be another quick and dirty diversion, so despite the fact that there's about five different layers of varnish on and they look a bit fuzzy, I'm calling done on these.

These were gifted to me by top chum James. I think he was hoping to lure me into playing Death in the Dark Continent, or other "proper" types of colonial gaming. But I've been reading rather a lot of H Rider Haggard and other Lost World type stuff recently and I've got a copy of Adventures in Jimland on the hard drive somewhere, so I fear I'm going to veer off into a jungle land of mysterious tribes,diamond mines, manly adventures and, most likely, dinosaurs. Stay tuned as I embark for the mysterious shores of Tombogo!

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