Monday, 22 July 2013

Warhammer Orcs v High Elves

Gruzzkup sniffed the air. It smelled clear and crisp but there was something else too, the scent of flesh. Perfumed flesh. Elf flesh.
The Warlord hefted his chopper and narrowed his eyes.
Around him stood his biggest and best boys. To the left the witless shapes of the Trollz drooled and pawed the ground whilst beyond them Da Red Arrurz twanged their bowstrings and the menacing figures of Iggzi’s Stoojiz waited in disciplined ranks over toward the swamp.
“OK ladz, we ain’t got time to mess around. We need to meet up wiv da uvverz and den burn dis place to da ground” he paused for the cheering to subside “So lets run over dere, duff ‘em up good and proppa and den da fun startz!”
With that he pointed his mighty chopper at the thin white figures on the horizon and led the lads to meet their destiny.

The second battle in our campaign saw Gruzzkup lead an Orc (mostly) force against a foot High Elf force led by a level 4 mage and with a solid core of Phoenix guard.

 'ere we go, 'ere we go, ere we...

 Steady, girls, don't shoot till you can smell their breath

 Drool, stumble, drool


Again not many pictures, sorry...

At first all seemed to be going well for the greenskins as they rapidly closed on the thin white line, although some shooting – especially the flaming variety – whittled the trolls down a fair bit.
Unfortunately some short charges meant the attack went in a bit piecemeal and the new Phoenix Guard character is clearly designed wit the sole purpose of exterminating trolls. As a result the attack was swiftly blunted and the Phoenix guard wreaked havoc amongst the rest of my force whilst Gruzzkup was off killing some Sea Guard on one flank.

So far the invasion is not quite going to plan…

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