Monday, 15 July 2013

Warbases Dark Ages Watchtower (2)

Progress with the Warbases Watchtower.

Once I'd got enough of the struts in place to set the balcony on and after they'd dried good and hard - if it's not hard don't carry on that's my motto - I glued the balcony down.
That way I figured I'd be able to glue the other struts in place to better compensate for any slight unevenness.

As you can see, not all of them in place at this stage. But adding them from here was much quicker than the previous stage, which made me wonder if I shouldn't have started by somehow gluing the balcony on first.

Once this had set I then added the roof and upper door.all of which just slotted into position.

All in all it went together very smoothly with the parts being a good fit. For £7.50 I reckon its a bargain.

Next stage some roofing and rendering and painting and the like.


  1. Great looking tower, fantastic details with the doors and the balcony!

  2. Really nice little tower. I'm going to get me two at Crisis.
    Maybe I'll add a lower storey in stone to one of them.

  3. Thanks fellas.

    Willie I did consider putting mine atop an integral mound of some sort just to give a bit of extra height.
    In the end I decided it'll mostly sit atop a hill, so I didn't need to, but I do think that's an option.