Thursday, 4 July 2013

Someone Else's Work

We've been playing a bit of Dux Britanniarum recently.
This has meant investment in movement trays and a bit of painting.
By way of taunting my opponent sent me this picture of the fine men of Elmet* parading in their best bib and tucker, just waiting to be cut down by some marauding Angles.

You'll never take our natty three-quarter length trousers!

Mainly, I believe the rather splendid Gripping Beast Welsh. I think they look very jolly.
My Saxons meanwhile wait patiently for their own trays to be flocked...

* you may wonder why proud Norherners from Elmet would be waiving a Kentish flag. Well their owner hails from daarn sarf (I know, tragic) so I think he thinks they're from down that way. But I picked the campaign setting and decided I'd invade Elmet from Petuaria.

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