Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Retinue WiP

I'm painting up some of the lovely Musketeer Miniatures Saxons. For three reasons. One, to use them in the WAB Open in early April, two to enter in the Warhamer Forum painting competition this month, and three because I've had them for about four years now and really it's time I got on with it because they are jolly nice.
So here they are at an early stage of develoment.


So far the armour has had a Boltgun Metal Coat followed by a Badab Black with a small amount of Asurmen Blue wash. The Cloak is Mechrite Red with a Purple Wash and the other clothing Knarlock Green with a Thrakka Green wash. The flesh is Tallarn followed by an Ogryn Flesh wash.


I love this model, really dynamic, I can almost hear him proclaiming heroic Sagas about his Lord.
I figured a Scop might be a bit of a dandy, so he's been given white clothing (White highlights over Deneb Stone) and a rich blue cloak (Mordian with an Asurmen wash), his fine moleskin trousers are Khemri brown with a Devlan mud wash. The armour and face is as above. I'm planning to give his clothing some trim, which will test my painting ability.


Crazy badass Pagan Priest, another really caracterful model. So far he's had a Calthan brown smock washed with Devlan mud and a Deneb stone cloak washed with Gryphonne Sepia.

Next stage is to finish off the basecoats and washes then start building up the highlights with the basecoat colours. Stay tuned for further developmens!

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