Thursday, 31 March 2011

Retinue WiP (4)

More work last night.
Pretty much finished apart from bases and a nice Little Big Men transfer for the Atheling's shield


Highlighting on the hair with Bubonic Brown. The tail on his hat was worked up wth Bubonic, Bleached Bone and Skull White and the shield given a coat of white in prep for the transfer. Some metal edge highlights with Chainmail and Scorched Brown/Bleached Bone highlights on his footwear.


 Highlighted the severed head with Pallid Fesh and did the hair with Bestial Brown and Devlan Mud. The fox pelt (I decided it was too wee for a wolf) is Dark Flesh, then a Dark Flesh/Tanned Flesh drybrush over the Bestial basecoat, followed with an Ogyn Flesh wash.The feathers are Fortress grey highlighted wth white and Chaos black highlighted with Shadow Grey.The pouch on the staf is Bubonic with Gryphonne Sepia wash and the piece of jet is Chaos Black with a Gloss Varnish. Boots as above.


Iyanden Darksun and Gyphonne Sepia for his headband. Mechrite Red with a Devlan wash for his Seax handle and assorted Browns covered with Devlan mud for his spearstaff. Boots as before.
Hopefully I'll get them all finished tonight.
Still struggling a bit with the picture taking those these seem a little better.

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