Monday, 28 March 2011

Retinue WiP (2)

Work continues apace on the retinue.
Just as well as the contest finishes this weekend and I need to use the models in the Open at Mansfield on Saturday.
Unfortunately the pictures are rather dark. I'll take some more tomorrow, by which time they'll hopefully be nearing completion


The leatherwork is Snakebite Leather. His flesh areas have been re-highlighted with Tallarn Flesh and his green clothing with Knarlock Green. The hair is Tausept Ochre with a Gryphonne Sepia wash. Trousers are Bestial Brown with a Devlan Mud wash and there's some Tin Bitz where the gold will be. The cloak has had most work (not that you can tell from the picture) with Mechrite, then Red Gore and finally some Blood Red/Red Gore mix highlights.


The Wiglera has had highlights of Calthan and then Calthan/Kommando Khaki on his frock, with Deneb Stone on the cloak. The staff is Charadon Granite, drybrush Graveyard Earth and then a Devlan Mud wash. Beard and hair is Astronomican Grey and his manbag is Khemri with the ubiquitous Devlan. Flesh, leather and gold are as above.


The scop has had Mordian and then Enchanted Blue highlights added to his cloak and Khemri and then Khemri/Kommando Khaki highlights on his trousers. The hair is Dark Flesh. Flesh, leather and gold are as above.

Hopefully I'll get some more paint applied this evening.

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