Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Hammerhead Goodies

I bought a few things at hammerhead, but as we enter lockdown I'm wishing I had bought more.

Here's the full haul

Some resin BEF casualties from Curteys - useful (with dice holders added) for marking shock in Chain of Command.

Some chickens from Warbases - to use as markers for shock or disorder in Napoleonic games

Several things from Empress. Support weapons for the BEF and engineers for my Yanks.

One of these was mispacked - I wanted a Boyes, but it contained a Lewis gun. I didn't check until Monday after the show, but fortunately a quick email to Empress and they sent me the correct model - excellent customer service.

And finally some Warbases bases - the big ones to make mine shafts for Grudge of Drong, the smaller ones for CoC weapon teams.


  1. That was restrained, I was panic buying at the LGS right until shutdown ;)

  2. I ordered some stuff from Sally 4th yesterday. No idea if I'll get it any time soon though...