Sunday, 3 November 2019

Kislevember 2019

Of late I have been hanging around on Facebook groups.
In particular, a while ago I joined the Warmaster group.
I love Warmaster - it was for many years my favourite game - it may in fact still be, but as I haven't played for well over ten years now I have no idea.

Anyway I joined the group and have been looking at models and games and musing...
Upshot is I decided to paint some Warmaster figures. Just to see how I go, really - scratch an itch. There's a few tournaments, organised by names I half remember from Warmaster games gone by, so maybe I'll paint some figures, blow some dust off the collection and go along - for old times sake.
Or maybe I'll paint two stands and get distracted and go do something else entirely.

So to give me a focus I'm declaring this month Kislevember. I tried this once before with my 28mm Kislev stash.. It didn't really go to plan.
However, maybe 10mm will be different.

So I dug out the stash.

I have some characters (the Ice Queen and sled - but missing the horse to pull it are in a bag somewhere)

Two War wagons

Two units of archers - the missing models are in the bag with the ice queen)

4 "in Blister" units of horse archers

More horse archers...

Yet another War wagon


And a unit of Winged lancers that I painted many years ago.

Irritatingly I don't appear to have any Axemen.
Also the unit of Horse Archers that I painted alongside the winged lancers has gone missing.

Originally, before I dug the models out of the stash I was intending to paint a 1k Kislev army in Kislevember. But as I don't have a functional army without the axemen I'm not quite sure now what the plan is.
Probably paint the bears. Bears are cool. And a War Wagon.
Then see how I go.

Inevitable I also uncovered a couple of part painted 28mm Kislev models. So I've added them to the task list too.

A boyar

And the Ice Queen who is so *nearly* finished it's a crime to leave her any longer.

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