Sunday, 10 February 2019

Ork Campaign Game Four

This week we were deep in the war torn jungles of Ilkestaaan VII.
The scenario was Spoils of War which involves six objectives, the cards and stuff.
We set up and off we went.

Ginganutz had bought lots of shootin', two buggies and, some Grots!

Gruzzkupp took to the jungle

some Trukkers

and Klankenstein

Lots of Dakka was kicked out by the Bad Moons (more accurately than last week)

Klan Ballruum also took to the herbaceous borders

They had a jet. A new sort of jet.

 The mean ol' Bad Moons shot the shiny new jet.

The grotz started making a nuisance of themselves

Another picture of the dakkka.

Ginganutz and his ladz began pushing towards the Ballruum boyz

Then, with a zap of pure Waaagh power the grots were whisked across the battlefield (and into a puddle) to snatch an objective!
The Bad Moons were in the lead.

Warboss Ballruum wasted no time in teaching the puny grots a propa lesson.

Meanwhile the jet whizzed though the skies, spewing ineffectual fire and acting as a huge dakka magnet.

Eventually the Ballruum Boyz mobbed up and raced across the open ground towards the skulking Gruzzkupp mob.

At this point the Ginganutz Mek decided to shoot his Shokk Attack gun at Gruzzkupps mob - and killed 13 of them, rather tipping the odds in Ballruum's favour

The other Ballruum boys rampaged towards the startled bad moons.

And then I forgot to take any more pictures as i was mostly taking off models with a dustpan and brush.

In the end, Klan Ginganutz had done enough for the win, and Gruzzkupp had done sufficiently little to receive the last place award.

It's looking perilous of the map for me at the moment...

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