Monday, 1 October 2018

Octogre or Orktober?

Recently I was Very Old Indeed.
My wargaming chums responded very generously.
General Ballroom dropped off an enormous box, which turned out to contain...

...A Stompa!
An excellent present. One made all the more special by the look on the face of the Gaming Heir when I opened it.

He got his revenge by pointing out that the Gorkanaut I was given for my birthday last year remains not quite actually finished.

Steven then came up with not one, but two boxes of...

...Mournfangs! I've wanted some of these for my Ogres for ages. They're even proper actual Warhammer ones with bases with corners and everything.

Thanks chaps, very generous indeed of you both.

So now I have a dilemma. Which do I assemble first?
Do I make it Orktober and do the Stompa, or call it OctOgre and do the Mournfangs?

Tune in soon to find out which l choose.
Or, more likely that I've gotten all hot under the collar about 2mm Hittites or something else completely unrelated.

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