Wednesday 20 December 2017

8th Edition Warhammer Orcs v Undead

General Ballroom was indisposed last week. So Steve and I decided to play a proper manly wargame of Properhammer - Warhammer 8th edition.
Steve has already blogged the game over on his blog - go and have a read if you like. Then come back here and look at my pictures.

Back are we?
So I took my Orc and Goblin force and Steve pulled out his Undead (though fortunately he decided not to pull out his Ghoulies)

I had Trolls (the special mixed unit Steve likes so much)...

...a giant and some Squigs...

..and pigs. Lots of pigs.

Steve took the Dire Wolves I painted several years ago when we played Sigmar's Blood. I gave them to him after the campaign as they make me do a sick in my mouth the models are so horrid)

he also had some skellybobs.

Here's the whole battlefield - ill lit by the twin moons of Morsleib or whatever they're called.

My Boarboys started the battle by charging the Direwolves. They won! Yay! Boarboys!

The necromancer and his cadaverous chums tried lurking in the woods but it turned out to be a nasty wood that killed them a bit each turn.

After murdering the dead dogs the Boarboys crashed on into the Creepy Coupe. They won! Yay! Boarboys are awesome!

The trolls meanwhile had shambled into the graveguard and their Vampire master. This proved unwise.

The Boarboys now thundered into the Black Knights (who were a long way from ho-wo-wo-wome...)

The Trolls were taking a beating, but whittling the deadmen too.

However eventually the Vampire murdered all the Trolls in the face. By which time my Big Un deathstar had arrived.

Aided by a couple of chariots

This resulted inn the Graveguard and their Vampire general all becoming dead again.
In the background you may notice the Black Knights are charging a chariot as the Boarboys had finally reverted to type and died horribly.

The chariot hung around though

And with the additional deaths caused by the departure of the Vampire starting to...ummm....bite Steve conceded and the field was green!

Hurrah for Warhammer.
We do love it so.
Decent sized armies, plays in the right amount of time, we know all the rules (even if some of them are from older versions of the game).
We should play it more. All the time even. If only General Ballroom hadn't fallen prey to the Age of S***ar Kool Aid. Silly man.

On the other hand I think Steve is  a bit fed up of my Big Un unit opf Death. So I might need to paint some other models and try some different tactics.

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