Sunday, 3 September 2017

Orks, Nids and Templars - a 40K game

Stephen was indisposed this week (in fact he was inderNederlands) however it is still the summer holidays here in Nottinghamshire so I had a Gaming Heir keen to get a game of 40K in and General B was kind enough to agree to me bringing him along.
We played the basic 3 way battle from the rulebook (one objective in the middle of the park - random turn order) with 50 Power level armies each.

Up until this point in New 40K (tm) General B's 'Nids have had it all their own way, steamrollering mine and Steve's armies with gay abandon. Let's see how they deal with a 12 year old's Land Raider Crusader...

 Gruzzkup's Ladz lurkin in da ruinz

 Da Killa Kanz lurch out

 The Templars await the onslaught

I won the roll off and decided to make the 'Nids go first.
This left the Gaming Heir worried that he'd be charged on first turn. However my reasoning was they'd not reach him and would then be in the open, in front of his guns.

 Hive Fleet Ballroom rushes forward

I turned out to be right (though only just) and quite a few 'Nids began to be shovelled off as the Crusader blazed away...

 Da Ugly
 High Noon

Facing 'Nids to his front I then decided (as any good Dad should) to attack the Gaming Heir's flank and our Dreads faced off.

Meanwhile, despite more casualties than in any previous game, the Hive Mind came on and managed to contact the Land Raider

 Gribbly gribbly....

At this point however Hive Fleet Ballroom made something of an error. The Genestealers assaulted the tank, whilst the two Broodlords (a big 'un and a lickle 'un) went off to kill five tactical marines. The other way around might have been better.
Inevitable the Marines died horribly, however the 'stealers didn't make much impact on the tank.
Which promptly dropped off High Marshall Helbrecht and his chums, reversed and began to hose them down again.

 Attention Xenos Spawn. We have come for you.

After all the 'Nids were dead attention switched to the centre of the board, where the Orks were now sitting on the objective.

The remaining Genestealers and the late arriving Lictor (I don't like Lictors - or as the Black Templars say Ich nichten lichten Lictors) tried to dislodge the Orks, but some burnin' saw them off.

At this point, with the Templars preparing to drive over and repeat the hosing down tactics on the greenskins we had to call the game over.
The Gaming Heir had (to no-one's great surprise) won.

Hivefleet Ballroom is now revising their tactics, chittering about "something to kill tanks with".

Big thanks to General B. for hosting me and the Gaming Heir - he had a great time (and so did I).

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