Friday, 8 September 2017

Another game of 40K

And so once more to General ballroom's for a game of 40K
Usual drill, me with Orks, Gen. B. with 'Nids and Steve taking over the role of Emperor's Finest from the Gaming Heir.

Gruzzkup began, like in the last battle lurking with his lads in the ruins.

The Fists arrive, ready for some Fisting.

That's a big, bloody fist you have there sir

The gribbly alien swarm decided to run at me this time.

So I sent out some kans to deal with 'em.

A lictor appeared. On the objective.

There now follows two rather unsuccessful "arty" shots of the Lictor.

Hive Fleet Ballroom sent the Broodlords in to deal with the Kans

Whilst further 'stealers ran at the Orks in the ruins.

Soon after this, the game ended.
The Tyranids had largely wiped out the Orks, but at some cost.
So the Marines were able to amble over and park a Dreadnought on the objective and claim the win.

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  1. Non-traditonal scenarios are almost always more entertaining than "line em up & shoot". Great 3 way report