Wednesday, 2 December 2015

El Cid Campaign Day 2015. Game 2

And so to the second game.
As the alliances and powers shift in early medieval Spain it was inevitable that I would encounter unworthy Christian foes, ready to be crushed beneath the Almoravid boot-heel.
Or not.

I was drawn to play venerable WAB gamer and good-egg Trevor with his Christian army.
We had some sort of hidden deployment going on which saw me spread across the board and Trevor's Christians bunched up in one corner. He had a small and quite powerful elite force.

Here's the pictures:

 Small, but perfectly formed, Christian Spanish

 Ibn Coldir's righteous warriors

 More of the same

 Still more...

 The clash of Christian horse

 Kamel Korps forward!

 Hmmm, now where did the Emir (and all his bodyguard) go?

 Cavalry stand-off

 Kamel Korps to the rescue!

 Stab, thrust, thwack!

 Thin black line

 It's OK lads, we've got 'em surrounded

Overpriced and over here - mercenaries versus Black Guard

The battle didn't go well. An initial charge by the Christian mercenary knights was countercharged, the knights fled and panic gripped my general and his unit who duly left the field. So by the end of turn one both merecenaries and most of my characters were out of the game.
Trev then mopped me up cleanly, calmly and with good grace and humour.

Still, it was fun while it lasted.