Tuesday, 1 December 2015

El Cid Campaign Day 2015. Game 1

Fortified and refreshed by my sound drubbing in the warm up game (see previous post) I collected James (author of the El Cid supplement) and we wended our way to nether Mansfield for a day's worth of WABbing.
It was to be a 2,000 point event organised by Scrivs, with the usual campaign elements and hordes of chocolate coins that we've come to know and love. Full details of the rules stuff are here.
I dug out my Almoravids, which haven't seen the light of day for over a year, and hadn't been used in a WAB game since Adam were a lad. As they were set up for 1500 points I added a unit of Christian Knights and dusted off the Kamel Korps, for chuckles.
Unfortunately all my standard bearer models remain behind the bits of kitchen occupying my dining room, so I was to be flagless (though all my opponents were kind enough to imagine them).

First up I was to play Richard who, amusingly, would be using the self-same army I had lost with just two days before. This was only the third game of WAB Richard had ever played. A newbie, using an army I'd already proved to be poor - I bet you can't guess how this will turn out, eh readers?

We were to be playing along the length of the board with a church the prize between us.

 The horde of  Ibn Coldir

 The Kamel Korps

 The apostate followers of Ibn Skrivs

 Dirty Christian sell-swords

 Noble Christian allies

 The smell of fear wafts toward the enemy


 A more cautious advance

 Grab the church!

 High water mark for Ibn Coldir

 This did not go entirely to plan...

 Remember, never charge spears with spearmen...

 The apostates start to break into the church


We shall draw a veil over proceedings from here. Suffice to say that my mercenary knights fled, panic ensued and despite the Black Guard battering their way into the church that was merely a temporary blip on Richard's otherwise smooth passage to victory.
A good fun game wherein I was outplayed by a splendid and charming opponent.
A major defeat for Ibn Coldir and territory ceded to my rivals


  1. Great report Tom- always a pleasure to read about WAB games in 'this day and age'. Brings back loads of happy memories.

    I don't know whether you remember or not but at Hot Lead and Cold Steel GBHQ we used to always meet in Game II?


    1. Game 3 I thought was our traditional meeting time Darrell.
      Good old days.

  2. Lovely looking table and figs. Commiserations on the loss!

    1. Normal service for me Gordon, no commiserations necessary.

  3. Nice game Tom, revenge will come don't worry :-)

    1. I think that may be somewhat misplaced optimism.
      But Allah loves a try-er, right?