Friday, 25 September 2015

No Gods and Mortals

Smallest boy demanded we play Of Gods and Mortals the other week, despite having no gods and not having painted any of the models.

So we did.

Here's a few pictures

It played quite well, like a slightly unnecessarily complicated version of SBH. Clearly the Gods add a huge extra dimension to the game. At least I hope they do, otherwise why not just play SBH...?

Anyway, should be ready for a more painted version this weekend.


  1. To really enjoy the game I feel you need to have all three elements (Gods, Legends and Mortals) in play, they have a nice relationship which the whole game is built around, particularly the relationship between Gods and Mortals.

    Looking forward to seeing the centaurs painted!

    1. That's what I figured.
      We've not had chance to play this weekend (though I have painted Poseidon and Medusa) so maybe we'll find out next week!