Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Warhammer Campaign Empire Army (2)

Reader I have ventured to the very farthest reaches of the cold and desolate realm know as Miloft.
And I have returned with treasures undreamed of by mortal man.
Or, a load of slightly ropy old plastic and metal.

Here's the haul in all it's shabby glory (and a very old Citadel Mail Order box)

Oooh, precious things from The Loft!

But what are the individual bits?

A bearded man on a horse with a floppy hat and MASSIVE hammer.

An Empire general. Made from bits from the sixth edition starter set several years ago, and given a big hammer to fit my (then) Middenheim obsession.

A mortar. The barrel isn't attached as I think I was planing on being able to switch it with the cannon barrel for some double use however....

This old metal great cannon that I found assembled means that won't be necessary.

Eight more mates reside in the box

Handgunners I found 20 of, all assembled and stuck to bases. But I stuck to my plan and only bought twelve down to the light.

On the sprue front I located four pairs of knightly legs, horses, lances and the like. But with only three torsos. However as I only need two at this stage that's no matter.

Seven spearmen and three command were also retrieved, so I can build the spearmen up to thirty.

 Four more are on another sprue

I also located the box of old, old plastic wizards.
However disaster struck as the Amethyst wizard was not amongst them. Clearly at some point in the past I'd snipped him out with a view to painting him up, but alas and alack he's now lost!
Intriguingly however I had two of the plastic Bright Wizard. One of which was still in the plastic bag he arrived in sellotaped the the front of White Dwarf around half a lifetime ago! So that's the one I'll be painting.

Finally free from his zip-lock prison!

So tonight will see some snipping and glueing and preparation, and later this week I'll get a-spaying!

I also had a look through the rest of my Empire stash - and it's pretty substantial. More of that in future posts I think....


  1. Some great finds. I think I sold off all my old Empire tat years ago, but I'll travel to the dark lands beyond Garage-Mor-Door and see if I can locate any bits for you.

  2. What a great find! The Empire from this period of production are my favourite GW figures...I look forward to seeing what you do with these.

  3. Your finds remind me of the good size box I have ferrated away containing mainly GW bits and bobs (including 40,000 metal imperial troops and some Empire pikes and shooters) and the very same wizard. One of the few White Dwarf's magazines I ever bought.
    Always fancied painting him so look forward to seeing yours painted up.

  4. Let me know if you need any bits, I found 25 more pikemen the other day! Might do a wee mercenary troop!