Sunday, 18 January 2015

Lion Rampant Retinue Finished

Here's the finished Lion Rampant retinue, fresh from their successful blooding on Thursday night.

First the Men at Arms. All lovely Claymore Castings models.

Then a unit of elite Billmen, also from Claymore.

Then two units of elite archers. Using the very old Perry sculpted Bretonnian models from the Warhammer 5th edition starter set.

The bases are a mix of the Tajima1 tufts, some coarse turf and a few patches of static grass applied in the traditional fashion.
The tufts are brilliant. I think I'll be buying more. The small ones didn't look terribly different from the effect I got by using traditional static grass, but the medium and large ones really look different and better.
I think the big tufts might be overpowering on a traditional army (WAB, HC, WFB) but on a skirmish force like this they really add variety and work well.
I'm slightly torn on the basing. They look a little sparse to me, but less is more and James very kindly said he thought they looked good on Thursday night. I think I'll leave them for a while and see if they grow (ho-ho) on me before I add any further vegetation.


  1. Great work! I agree with James. The vegetative state of your basing is pleasing.

  2. Fantastic to see them in all their glory. Love the colour scheme. And I agree, the bases are spot on.

  3. Very nicely painted, they look splendid! Claymore figs are definitely on my wishlist :) Cheers!

  4. Very nice surprise to see the 5th archers in there...well done!

  5. They look superb :)
    I'm inspired to get some myself!

  6. Well done! They look like they pack quite some punch.

  7. awesome brush work, your miniatures collection are stunning!

  8. How many points is your retinue?

    1. 24 points.
      The archers and billmen are all elite, so six points instead of the usual four. And the MAA are six as usual.
      It's the standard "Late English" force from the rulebook.