Thursday, 13 February 2014

Sigmar's Blood (9) - Reiksguard Knights

Here are the finished unit of Reiksguard Knights for the Sigmar's Blood campaign.
When getting ready to paint them I looked in the Uniforms and Heraldry of the Empire book and discovered the Knights of Sigmar's Blood. As well as giving a different way of painting the models it rather tickled me to have Knights of Sigmar's Blood for the Sigmar's Blood campaign.
In the end they're not exactly right but I was too lazy to do the full paint scheme. They're also waiting on shields which again won't have quite the right symbol, but will suit me. I'll use them either as Reiksguard (as in the campaign) or just as Empire knights.

The leader bloke isn't glued onto his horse. I remembered after assembling eight horses about the special horse head for leaders that comes on the sprue. At some point I'll add another couple of models to the unit and swap the horse then.

Both flag man and horn bloke really need some sort of skull and laurel leaves design, but, well, eventually.

Pretty simple painting using Plastikote silver spray to give them a base, then simple washes and a bit of drybrushing.

I think they look rather fetching en masse


  1. "Fetching en masse?" They are bloody GORGEOUS!

  2. Thanks both.

    The basing was a bit of an experiment, I mixed the sand with cheap poster paint and PVA and then applied it - seemed to work quite well.
    The clump foliage stuff from Woodland Scenics always "lifts" bases I find.