Monday 24 February 2014

Saxons in Swindon

Once more I find myself in a hotel room in Swindon.
And so I've bought some little metal fellas with me to help while away the time.
Twelve Musketeer Saxon archers for use in the Age of Arthur event in a couple of weeks time.
The lighting, even by hotel standards is feeble, so I've been painting in conditions that would have seen a cricket match abandoned hours ago.
This also makes for poor pictures. That and having to use a phone camera.
So here's the result of an hour or two of slapping on base coats while listening to 6 music


  1. I've also been painting in a hotel room while working away. I do bring a daylight lanp with me though.

  2. Bad news is there's nowhere to plug in a daylight bulb!
    Its all LEDs *sigh*

  3. Sorry I was not clear, I actually take a lamp to plug in.

  4. Good plan but too bulky for me on the train.