Sunday 2 September 2012

Y Gododdin at Partizan

Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to be invited to take part in a monster Dark Age game using the Hail Caesar rules. I obviously kept all my less endearing character traits under wraps sufficiently for James to invite me to do it all over again at the Partizan show.

This time I was deployed on the Saxon side, though in the centre once again.
The battle as reported by Anerin featured 300 British warriors against ten thousand or more Saxons. We got the British roughly 1-to-1 but were a little short on the Saxon side (maybe 10 to 1).
I'm not going to say too much about the battle, if you want to know details of the scenario and the armies we used you'll need to buy next months Wargames Illustrated, a mega issue to mark number 300. James' very entertaining game report takes up at least 16 whopping pages, so get yourself a copy and enjoy.

There just follows rather a lot of (quite spectacular if I do say so myself) eye candy from today's re-fight.

A great day was had.
Dice were rolled, bad jokes told, taunts were taunted and Saxons and Welsh slaughtered alike.
A big thanks to James for inviting me to play, to Scrivs who served as an excellent umpire throughout and to my other fellow gamers Andy, Andy, Steve and Matt who were all splendid company and had beautifully painted models too (and John for help with the set-up).

As usual the Hail Caesar rules coped admirably with the scale of the game and provided plenty of entertainment even with our somewhat flimsy grasp on the finer details of the rules.

A big thank-you too to the Newark Irregulars who ran the show impeccably and to everyone who stopped by to say hello. We did try and make sure everyone got talked to, but if you were missed out, or didn't want to be harangued about the scenario background then I apologise.

Scrivs has already blogged his version of events and it may be worth keeping an eye on Andys Blog too.

When issue 300 is released at the end of the month I'll post all my pictures from the first battle too, so stay tuned.


  1. Simply Amazing! Would have really enjoyed being able to see this one up close.



  2. It did look great on the day and thanks for the chance to chat about it.

  3. Man, that looks fantastic. What a riot of colour!

  4. Great pics tom.

    'Twas really a sight to behold and easily one of the most impressive games on display.


  5. Absolutely stunning. Simply a fantastic looking game. Well done indeed.

  6. Phenomenal looking game - I'll have to pick up a copy of WI!

    Loving the basing on the models as well. Any idea where the flowers on the base of Mynyddog of Gododdin (I think that's what it says - the singly-based warlord with the red cloak) are from? I might have to pick some up for my own warlords.


  7. Alex, I think that particular model was painted by Matt Parkes (Golden Demon winner, staff painter at WI) so I'm afraid I don't know what he used on the basing, sorry.

  8. Great pictures. It looked good in WI but these pictures are better.