Friday, 22 June 2012

Crusader Dark Age Scottish Thegns (2)

I have made some progress with these chaps.
Wash progress.
Essentially everything has been given a coat of one of the Citadel Washes.

Tallarn Flesh: Ogryn Flesh
Boltgun Metal: Badab Black
Snakebite Leather: Gyphonne Sepia
Dark Flesh: Devlan Mud

Mechrite Red: Devlan Mud

Necron Abyss: Asurmen Blue
Bestial Brown: Devlan Mud

Clathan Brown: Devlan Mud
Desert Yellow:Gyphonne Sepia

Orkhide Shade: Thrakka Green
Vomit Brown: Ogryn Flesh

Black, hilts and pommels etc. and the shoes have not had any washes added at this stage.

Next stage will be highlighting everything with the original base colours


  1. Nice..the armour/ mail looks very good.

  2. These guys are looking really good.