Saturday, 9 June 2012

Crusader Dark Age Scottish Thegns (1)

The final part of my purchase from Northstar a few weeks ago was a pack of Crusader Miniatures Scottish Thegns. I'm going to build a small warband so I can use Macbeth in some SAGA games.
I've admired the Crusader ranges for a long time, but as I'd already started my Christian Spanish and Late Saxon armies using GB figures I've never got round to buying many of their fine models, so the new list in Northern Fury, together with the Macbeth model was just the excuse I was looking for.
Nice models, 8 to a pack, two each of four poses. Minimal cleaning up required, and the (sharp) Northstar spears went in place no problem. Interestingly I've often seen the Crusader miniatures described as "chunky", but these seem quite slender to my eye. Maybe it's because I'm more used to the Musketeer and GW models but I wouldn't have called these all that chunky. What they are is nice and unfussy and I'm expecting them to be easy and pleasant to paint.
I based them on Renedra 20mm square bases (just in case I ever go mad and decide to build a unit or two for WAB/Hail Caesar...), added sand, undercoated them black and have so far added just base coats:

The common colours are as follows:
Flesh: Tallarn Flesh
Armour: Boltgun Metal
Leather: Snakebite Leather or Dark Flesh
Shoes: Scorched Brown
Hilts, clasps etc: Tin Bitz

The individual models have different tunic and hair colours:
Tunic: Orkhide Shade
Hair: Vomit Brown

Tunic: Calthan Brown
Hair: Desert Yellow

Tunic: Mechrite Red
Hair: Chaos Black

Tunic: Necron Abyss
Hair: Bestial Brown

Next step is the application of washes, which shouldn't take too long...


  1. A great bunch of Scots, looking very smart.

  2. Nice choice.

    Been thinking about getting some of these myself for a MacBeth themed army for a while, seeing these has prompted that again. Cheers