Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Warhammer Easter Big Game

Today I got together with a couple of chums to play a big game of Warhammer.
A complicated scenario in which I had two 1500 point armies, each split into two 500 and 1000 point parts. For the first part of the game my 1500 points of Dwarfs faced off against 2K points of Empire. After which 2000 points of Vampires arrived and my remaining forces, bolstered by my 1500 point Ogre force played a three way game against the newcomers and the forces of the Empire. Whichever army controlled the highest number of the seven towers on the board at the end of the game would be the winner.
With me so far?
Doesn't really matter TBH. We had a splendid day and I took lots of pictures.
So here they are

 Empire Knights Advance

 Spearmen, horde, characters aplenty

 Captasus, as I believe they are known (by eejits)

 This tower is ours

 Advance on the Dwarven gatehouse men

 Stab, smack, slash, grunt.

 The Dwarf General gets caught in the open

 The grind before the gate continues

 Squeeel, slam, squish!

Time to start singing the death songs!

At the end of the first seven turns my Dwarfs had been almost all wiped out, but they still held three towers. At this point our forces withdrew to their starting positions as night fell, and the hungry generals went off for a cob or two while the Vampires were unpacked.

Suitably refreshed and revitalised we redeployed, the Vampires arrived and we went at it again!

 The Empire Deploy

 Dis 'ere's our tower now

 Shamble, shamble, shamble

 The Gorger makes a surprise appearance, but the pistoliers are on to him!

 Keep right on shamblin'

 The "captasus" bites off more than he can chew

 Oooh, scary

 'ello. Munch, munch, munch

 More yum-yums

 Anybody home?

 Hur, hur! Boom!

 Let us in!!!

In the end a titanic struggle saw the Ogres, with pitifully few remaining Dwarf allies hold three towers and the perfidious Empire hold another three. The Vampires held the remaining tower and had plentiful forces left but poor dice rolls and slow marching meant they were left high and dry at the end of the game.
Ogre of the match for me was the Gorger, who despite taking a boatload of pistolier shots (I hate pistoliers) munched through a unit of spearmen, a unit of handgunners and nearly did the job on some archers too. I was so vexed by the pistoliers shooting him I wasted a cannon shot that could have been better spent elsewhere on taking them all out. Which may not have been tactical play of the highest order, but cheered me up no end.

Anyway, a great day of gaming. I think the scenario didn't help the Vampire player, but overall it was probably a fair result.

We were also using the latest Empire rules meaning we had the three newest armies for WFB an the table at the same time. There was some good natured moaning from the Empire player that it was all a bit weakened, but I think the general view was in the hands of three not terribly good players the books gave us a pretty balanced game.

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