Thursday 12 April 2012

Hardrada and some Romans

A few things I've finished off this week.
First up the Mighty Harald Hardrada, from the equally mighty Gripping Beast.

Very nice model, he'll look good leading my (at present almost entirely imaginary) Viking force in a Fulford scenario. Or, more realistically, a small SAGA warband.
He's also blooming massive. I know the Sagas say he was a big fella, but he's nearly a 40mm figure!
Fortunately I'm not intending to have him in a ranked up unit, so he's just fine for intimidating weedy Northumbrian Saxons.

Next up the long gestating Musketeer Late Romans. These are lovely figures and a pleasure to paint. I'm all excited now and would be starting to prep my next unit tonight if I hadn't just agreed to go up to Maelstrom to play SAGA with Scrivs.
First up the command group.

Now, demonstrating how hard I find it to take pictures of units, here's the unit shot.

(Not sure if the pictures are any different, but I had them both in the camera)

Miniatures by Musketeer, shield transfers by LBMS.
Guides to how I painted these can be found elsewhere on the blog: part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4.


  1. A very nice Harald there, sir! Like the unit too. A couple of shots from different angles would be good. Anyhow, lovely painting.


  2. Thanks Matt.
    I'd like to do more unit shots at some point, but I struggle with my set-up to get decent pictures of units.
    When I've got another unit done I'll have a go at some different angles.

  3. Mmm...Late Roman goodies...scrumptious!!!!