Saturday, 3 March 2012

Look What the Postie Brought

I arrived home from taking smallest boy to swimming lessons (he's up to level 6 now!) to discover a couple of packages waiting for me.
First up was this:

Northanhymbre Saga by John Marsden
I've been after a copy for a while, after it was recommended on the WAB forum. I'm  a big Dark Ages fan, and hail originally from Hull, so this was clearly going to tick all my boxes. However I couldn't find copies aywhere, it seemed to be out of print, with second hand ones being quite expensive. So when I spotted one for £0.01 in Good condition on Amazon last week I didn't hesitate. It arrived in less than a week, is indeed in Good condition and I'm really looking forward to reading it. Great service from Delicious Deals.

The second package held this:

The new issue of Wargames Soldiers and Strategy. And the reason I was particularly excited was because I've got an article published in it. When I spotted that this months theme was going to be Dark Ages (well, Vikings specifically) I was in the middle of playing lots of SAGA games, so I approached Guy with an idea for a simple SAGA campaign article. He liked the plan and so I scribbled it down and sent it off, and next thing I know he's only gone and published it. So I'm pretty pleased wth myself. I've had stuff published in Whte Dwarf and on the GW web site before now, but as I was in charge of both those teams and could bend them to my will I don't think it really counts.
I've had a quick scan through the rest of the magazine, and it looks great. It's Dark Age theme means it was aways going to have lots to hold my interest.  Looking forward to spending some quality hobby time with it later this evening.

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  1. That Northanhymbre Saga book sounds cracking! I'm always after a new angle and ideas for Dark Ages gaming!

    Did you see the new SAGA expansion announcement?