Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Kings of Northumbria

For the big game I painted a couple of commanders (as well as finishing off/enlarging a few units). One of them I wanted to do as commander of my force, and one James volunteered me for. I did try and point out that given Matt Parkes, James, Steve, Andys Hawes and McTaggart and Scrivs were all taking part there were probably better painting candidates than me for the job of anything really, let alone Aethelfrith king of Bernicia and overall leader of the Saxon horde. However no-one else offered to take my place, so a mounted Saxon was added to my list.
And here they are.
First up, Aethelfrith of Bernicia and his army standard bearer

And next King Aethelric of Deira and his retinue

And finally a sight no Welshman (or Romano Briton, or Pict) would wish to see, the kings of Northumbria bearing down on them!

They are all from Bill's lovely Musketeer Miniatures Goth Range, but with Saxon bucklers, as sorted by Darren at Gripping Beast. I figured one hairy Northern barbarian was pretty much indistinguishable from another back in 600AD.
I think I'd like to go back and touch the flags up a little, and maybe tweak a few more highlights, but overall I'm very happy with them.


  1. Very nice and the flags look great too!


  2. Nice brushwork Tom.

    I'm especially impressed with the dynamism od the guys on foot.


  3. Wonderful!! Those flags are cool.