Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A Roll of Linoleum (4)

Now with added highlights (though I'm not sure you can tell from the pictures).

Not sure why the back is looking shiny - it doesn't appear so in real life.

Here's what I highlighted with
Main Garment:Scorched Brown
Flesh: Tallarn Flesh, then Tallarn/Elf Flesh
Trousers: Bestial Brown
Puttees:Dheneb Stone
Belt: Snakebite Leather
Spear: Desert Yellow
Hair: Chaos Back/Fenris Grey, then a Badab Black wash. 

Now all he needs is his shield adding and basing and we're done!
Obviously I've not actually prepped any shields yet, so there may be a short hiatus while I get on with that.

I'm pretty happy with the overall scheme, so I'll now get on with the rest of the unit. As I envisage these as a last garrison of Roman troops (from Petuaria, no less) I'm intending to keep them a bit more uniform than my Saxons, so they'll probably all have the same Scorched brown smock, but with variations in trousers, leg bindings etc.
Some of the models have cloaks, so that's another opportunity for variation along with some colour (I'm thinking red and/or green).
Pictures of the unit will follow as I get round to it.

For anyone wondering about the title of this series of posts, I hand you over to Mr Connolly for the answer:
(Warning: Not safe for offices, elderly maiden aunts or small children who like to repeat funny things Daddy has said. Answer occurs around the 5 minute mark, but it's all worth a watch.)

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