Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Almoravid Flags

Over on Don't Throw a 1 Ray has been kindly supplying Viking Flags for the use of all and sundry.
Viewing his latest offering I remembered I had some flag images I made for my Almoravids and felt that in the spirit of sharing I ought to post them up
So here they are. Feel free to print out, re-colour, re-size (they are quite big when you click 'em) to your hearts content.

I adapted these from a flag image I found somewhere on the interwebs (I forget where) some time ago. I've no idea what the wording says (hopefully something inoffensive) and I reckon they could probably be used for any Arabic/Muslim armies you may wsh to field with a little work (Sudan, Crusades etc.).
They're in big blocks of flat colour, so it's the work of moments in an image manipulation program (I use Photoshop Elements) to change the colour of the background or the lettering. I then print them out and paint over them before attaching to poles.
I used the top one for my Kamel Korps, the white one is my army standard and the purple one for my Black Guard. The other one I've used variations of for my Berber units.


  1. Thank You, I may just use them at some point!


  2. They look lovely...makes me want to start a muslim army so i can use them...thanks for sharing

  3. Great stuff!!! Copied and will be using these for my Moor army.

  4. Very nice....and useful! Ta.

  5. "There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is His messenger" or sometimes translated as 'There is no god but god, and Muhammad is His prophet' I too am on the Almoravid flag trail and have found this site so I am looking at varients of the above flags on a white background for the units and possibly the checked flag as an army standard possibly with المرابطون‎ (Al-Murābiṭūn) on it some where