Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Hot Lead 2011 Battle Two

Game two and I would be playing against Mark with his AoA early Saxons. The scenario was Hereditary Enemies so we diced for which units would have hatred. Inevitably my skirmishers were one of my units infected, but the Black Guard came good and was my second unit so blessed. Worryingly Marks Gedrith and a unit of Duguth both drew the hatred card, making already tough Warband units even harder.

Nevertheless I stuck to my plans and once again deployed well back in a horseshoe. The camels and horses were despatched to the flanks to try and march bock/distract in hopes that the archers and skirmishers would thin Mark’s ranks sufficiently that my spear blocks might at least stand a chance…

The Thin White Line

Initially things went to plan, however my shooting proved ineffective and Mark clearly wasn’t in the mood to fail any warband tests, so was able to advance on my static positions as he wished (I was hoping he’d fail some and chase my skirmishers into the woods leaving me free to gang up on his Gedrith).

Be Veeewy Qwiet, I'm hunting Saxons
In the rear some skilful shooting meant my horsemen were wiped out without really contributing and the Kamel Korps were slowly whittled down to ineffectiveness.

My bowmen were charged by Pictish cavalry, but managed to hang in for a couple of rounds of combat, blocking the Saxon advance, and leaving the horsemen vulnerable to my javelins when they finally did expire

Tougher than expected...
Finally Mark was able to unleash his charges and although the Berbers and Black Guard fought bravely I’d not managed to reduce their numbers sufficiently, so charging Saxons Warbands with added hatred had the inevitable autobreak consequences and Ibn Coldir’s men were once again defeated.

Worryingly intact warbands advance

In retrospect I should probably have used the horse and Kamels sacrificially to try and pull Mark’s battle line apart and open up some flank charges, or at the very least charged the Saxons before they charged me to draw the warband sting a bit.

Despite the result it was another great game and Mark was a splendid opponent.

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  1. Great AAR's thanks for posting.


  2. Enjoyed the report. Nothing like a feed at Mrs Miggins!

  3. Great pictures and again very entertaining report! Once again undone by the accursed auto break I see.


  4. It's ok Christopher, in game four I get to play Normans. After all it's not like they have units capable of breaking you on the charge.