Monday, 9 May 2011

A World Gone Mad

Those searching for evidence of an impending Apocalypse should look no further than the fact that I managed to win a game last week and that this remarkable occurrence was repeated the following evening to leave me with record of P2 W2 for the week!
in fairness I received considerable assistance from my opponents in both instances. In my regular weekly WFB game Steve was kind enough to use his all Night Goblin army, which has great comic value but isn't what one would describe as fearsome. As a result my Orcs (who failed rather fewer crucial animosity tests) were able to hand out a reasonable pasting. I suspect I'll be up against something altogether friskier this week!
in my other game I'd arranged an Age of Arthur game against Scrivs at Maelstrom as prep for the event in a couple of weeks. All was proceeding in the expected fashion (great piles of dead Saxons on my side of the table,rather fewer on the other) when our units of Gedrith finally clashed in turn six. Scrivs issued a challenge with his general which I duly accepted with mine. Two wounds later and my Cyning is looking a bit poorly, however a Hail of Blows to the face of his opposite number and it's all gone wrong for my enemies. Scrivs then proceeds to fail every single Panic test possible meaning we go into turn seven without a single unit not fleeing on the table. I manage to rally my single remaining unit of Gedrith but Scrivs can only pass two tests, each for small units of skirmishers. At which point the game ends! On A count-up of points I've sneaked a win by a coupe of hundred points, despite having been comprehensively outplayed, so a win but nor a very deserving one. Fortunately we've arranged a rematch for a couple of weeks time when no doubt normal service will be resumed. In the meantime keep a watch out for plagues of locusts, fire raining from the skies and pigs with wings.

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