Friday, 25 February 2011

Federals, Five of 'Em!

Flitting from project to project I bring you ACW. Some of the blue ones.
Jolly nice Perry plastics that the twins (well, one of them, Michael I think) gave me when they were released. Thanks Mr Perry Twins Sirs. So it's only taken me what, three years to get some paint on them.

I have some plans to play Blasthoff Bridge with them, then graduate onto the games from the Wargames Companion before finally playing a game of BlackPowder. I suspect I shall get old and die before completing this project.

I painted these using a simple basecoat and wash. For some reason I decided to use a white undercoat. It's very unforgiving compared with black (i.e if you miss a bit it shows), so I won't be doing that again in a hurry.

I've got a few more blue uns and some of the grey ones on the go at the moment, so unless I flit to another project stay tuned for updates!


  1. They look nice and as far as flitting from project to project you sound exactly like me...frustrating to say the least.


  2. I noticed you're flirting with The Blue and the Grey too, Christopher.
    Bet yours are finished first.
    And look way nicer than mine.