Wednesday, 6 October 2010

What's on the Painting Stick, Vic?

It's Almoravid time!
The WAB event at WW is in less than two weeks. So I need to get a wiggle on if I'm not to go cap-in-hand to James and borrow some soldiers.
So onto the spraying stick went these 12 Berber Spearmen, half of a unit deal that picked up from Darren of Gripping Beast. Jolly lovely models they are too and I'm afraid my spray white, cover in Devlan Mud, overbrush white technique won't do them ay justice at all. Still, it'll be quick and it needs to be.

I got them on Saturday at the Derby show, of which it would be remiss of me to fail to mention the "light and airy" venue ((c) every other wargames blog). Derby is a splendid show but sadly I had my son and heir in tow who only wanted his Armorfast Sherman for his school project and then to leave, so couldn't tarry as long as I'd have liked. I did, however bump into my Follower Jim. He's off to the WAB do too and is "expecting big things of my camels". I think by big things he means run off the board in every game on about turn two.

Anyway here are some pictures of some Gripping Beast Berber archers that are inching towards completeness. This is pretty much what the spearmen will look like (although without bows and with pointy sticks, obviously). They need a bit of a touch up, some varnish and some static grass and they'll be ready to put the fear of Allah into any Christian knights that happen to show up*.
*This statement bought to you on behalf of the Optimism Over Experience Society

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