Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Got some spray from Warlord who were nice enough to give me a discount. Thanks chaps.
With that in hand I finished these chaps off.
Purchased for my Christian army they're pressed into service for the weekend as Mercenary Knights.
As is now to be expected they are of course Gripping Beast models. And I've used Little Big Men transfers on the shields. They need a flag, but that mght have to wait.
There would have been more pics but the camera battery went flat so you'll have to tune in tomorrow for more updates.


  1. Nice looking unit there,Painted mine up then sold em. Over the last few weeks thinking of starting a new army of them again (Phh? this past time we call wargaming ...drives you mad)


  2. Very nice unit. Would love to do some figures for the 'El Cid' period. Those earlier pics of the black guard do look enticing, and soooo tempting. Unfortunately I have too many other interruptions in my life to begin yet ANOTHER period!, Well that's what the War Office tells me.