Monday, 10 February 2020

Warhammer 8th edition Dwarfs v. High Elves

It would appear that Steve and I have been very remiss and we have not played a game of Proper Warhammer 8th edition manliness since 2019!
So with a free Saturday afternoon/evening we rectified that.

I dusted off the Dwarfs and Steve picked out his High Elves that he had a brief surge of enthusiasm for last year. They're not quite all finished but they're nearly there.

I rolled up the scenario where you have fortitude and a break point and stuff. The scenery came up with a dwarf brewery and I put the old hold model on one cormer of the table as if the Dwarfs were defending their homeland.

Steve had a Frosty Phoenix and some Dragon Princes.

And lots of pointy sticks.

The Dwarf line spread out to meet the foe.

The foe.

The High Elf general decided to deal with the rangers who had deployed to defend the brewery.

It went as expected. However the desire to defend the ale kept the dwarf (singular) in place.

Meanwhile the DPs sneaked around the flank.

The dwarfs held back at first - partly to try and thin the elves with shooting and partly because they were worried about being zapped by a sinister statue.

The Lord killed the Lone Ranger, but was then shot from his mount by thunderers in the brewhouse. The Griffon stayed to guard the body.

The hammerers drew a large amount of bow fire.

So they were a little light on numbers when they hit the Swordmasters.

The Longbeards too, were running low on numbers for tackling a block of spear.

The hammerers failed to go through the Swordmasters and their doom was sealed by a flank charge.

The Quarrelers took knight to the face.

The clansdwarfs sought to avenge the Longbeards

The quarellers lost, fled, rallied and turned to face the princes once more.

However it was all too late - the spear elves cut down the dwarf BSB and with that the dwarf fortitude dropped below the line and the high Elves claimed the win.

Really good to get the WFB toys out again Both these books suffer from being "late eighth" so they feel packed with special rules for every unit. They were a pretty good match for one another, but I expect neither will be much fun to face with the Orcs and Goblins.

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