Sunday, 13 October 2019

Orctober - Warhammer v Skaven

Steve and I have not managed a game of proper Warhammer 8th edition for some time.
So we rectified that.
As usual we were playing a 2,000 point standard game.
We rolled the diagonal set up and I chose the corners we'd be using

Steve had elected to take Skaven - I was debating taking Daemons but then remembered it was Orctober, so there could be only one choice - Da Greenskins.
I tried to go All Orcs (plus some trolls) but discovered I don't have enough core Orcs painted. However rather than undermine the purity of Orctober I simply borrowed some from Steve.

We deployed and then ate some pig to get us in the mood.

As the game was about to begin Steve rolled to try and steal the first turn. He succeeded. Then decided he didn't want it after all. Which seemed quite Skaven-y.

Th North Nottingham Gaming Hall has less than ideal light for photography. Sorry.

So the game began with the Orcs rumbling forward.
Toward the waiting Skaven.

The Rats had their big brothers along for the ride.

Waaagh Gruzzkupp surged forward.

A giant ethereal green hand plucked the chariot and pushed it forward.

Whilst the Big 'Uns motored on.

With the Trolls stumbling along in their wake.

The chariot ran down some ratty ninjas.

The Stormvermin stayed firm.

Screened by slingers.

The Boarboys tried a charge. There was a whoosh of flame, the smell of smoked bacon and the boarboys turned tail.

The first chariot killed a Rat Ogre before they smashed it to kindling, then the second one caught them in the flank.

The Black Orcs caught a ratling gun in the open.

And the Big 'Uns smashed into the slaves.

After mowing down the Rat Ogres the chariot raced through a blood mere, sending waves of blood surging in its wake.

The Arrer Boys did what Arrer Boys do best. Fightin'. Not Shootin'.

The Big 'Uns disposed of the slaves, then they and the Black Orcs smashed into the Stormvermin.

However the Stormvermin, astonishingly held firm with a roll of snake-eyes!

So the chariot joined in.

Finally the General sprayed the musk of fear and turned (pink) tail and fled.

And with that Gruzzkupp claimed a victory!

Hurrah for Warhammer!
I am now determined to paint up some more Orcs so I can field All Orcs All Da Time.
I left Steve pondering a bunch of End Times Rat models he has undercoated and mithering about painting 160 skaven shields...


  1. Smashing stuff. I did used to enjoy a game of WFB.

    1. It is still The Greatest of all the Games