Sunday, 23 June 2019

Warhammer 8th Ed. Orcs v Wood Elves

Steve and I fancied an evening of Proper Warhammer followed by a curry.
And so, being grown men in charge of our own destinies and able to do as we please, that's exactly what we did.  Mrs Steve was away and the Current Mrs Tom's Toy Soldiers fancied a quiet night in and wanted me out of her hair.

Warhammer of course, plus some funny tins of lager-y beer.

We played the funny diagonal set up. Steve had improved his Welfs since the last game by tooling up their shooting.

 I had the boarboys and the big block o' Night Goblins.

The trolls stayed near my Warboss in the centre.

The stag rider things declared a charge on my chariots, which unleashed a fanatic from the nearby archers. Sadly he whirled too short

Treekin. And a very old, very pink wizard. Steve took fire magic on the wizard. because a wood based fire creator is funny.

Durthu came along for the ride.

And some more old models, Glade Guard this time.

Durthu and the Trolls decided to have it out.
Meanwhile Steve's block of 30 archers were all shooting, hitting on 3s with flaming arrows and poison.
My Big Uns died in droves.

The boraboys were charged at the ford.

And the stag thingys finally charged the chariot.

The Glade Guard killed the boarboys, so Nubbinz bounced over t try and hold them until the Giant could get there.

By this stage Durthu was covered in diced carrot and fish heads after the trolls had repeatedly been sick on him.

Just as the giant was about to ride to the rescue he got some antlers up the rear. He killed them, but then ran in to a treeman who did him in.

And with that the game was over.
So we went for curry and beer.

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  1. Seems like a great game. Good to see some of the old Elf figures