Monday, 9 October 2017

Congo - Under the Moon of Love in the Shoddy Wadi

Once more to The Ilko Gaming Hut for another venture into the Dark Heart of the Congo!
General Ballroom again played host and has a rather nice new desert mat to show off

The scenario was an adaptation of one which was supposed to feature a crocodile in a river. General B is crocodile-less and so converted things to have a wadi inhabited by a lion.
As the wadi was actually improvised from a road it was a bit of a ShoddyWadi. hence this post's title.

The object of the exercise was to grab some bags of diamonds and escape with them and avoid becoming lion food.

My tribesmen deploy

Accompanied by Diplomat (Siamese cat on shoulder not shown)

Elite Arab riflemen

Steve raced off to an early start and his tribesmen plunged into the Shoddy Wadi. I think it was Three Steps down. Or possibly back up.

Meanwhile my own tribal chappies raced forward to counter them.

Naturally some of the commotion alerted a lion


But he proved more pussycat than jungle king and was soon converted into a handy rug or throw.

I seem to have stopped taking pictures around this point.

Truth to tell it was all over quite quickly I grabbed two treasures, Steve only one and as I got them both off the table before he could react it was a win (finally) for my proud and noble Slave Traders over the foul forces of Colonial Imperialism.