Tuesday, 29 August 2017

War Sheep!

After our last game of OGAM I asked the Gaming Heir what animal was most associated with Hermes, thinking that I could add a unit of ferocious wolves or brutal boars to my force.
Sheep, came the reply.
Hermes is (among many other things) the god of shepherds.
This was something of a blow, but then I decided that it would be quite funny if I had a unit of ferocious sheep in the force.
So I went searching and picked up some Mouflon sheep from Warbases.
Looking at the pictures these looked most like the ancient animals Hermes is sometimes pictured with and the actual real live animals look surprisingly powerful and a little intimidating (if not quite up there on the wolf/boar scale),

So here they are, a herd of six Mouflon War Sheep to bolster the forces of Hermes!

They will of course also do useful double duty as set dressing on any games set in or around the Mediterranean.


Anyone doubting the power of War Sheep should view the following!