Wednesday, 12 October 2016

River or stream?

After playing a bit of 10mm Dark Ages recently I decided I needed a river.
mainly because most Dark Age battles feature rivers in some way shape or form. Probably because water features provided naturally boundaries between territories so were inevitably the place where armies clashed as expansionist Warlords came into conflict.

Anyway, a rummage round in the loft unearthed a resin river set I have a dim recollection of buying many moons ago for games of Warmaster.
these bits are actually the narrower pieces from the set, and may originally have been intended as a stream fro 28mm games.

 Sample layouts

 The full set

Some rough drybrushing and the liberal application of flock and shiny gloss varnish and I have something for my Dux Bellorum forces to paddle across.


  1. Looks good.
    River or stream? I suppose, size wise, it´s relative, one mans stream is anothers river. The titel made me think so I looked it up..and as far as I can tell the main difference would be Rivers are fed by streams, anything else is pretty much relative